Become a UntiedShoes web design partner!

The UntiedShoes Web Design Partnership Program is designed to give your business the benefits of my extensive expertise, skills and support leaving you to continue building your own business.

If you are one of the many IT compaines that get regular enquiries for web design or related services, but unfortynately have to either turn the work down, or pass it on for little or no return because you do not have the nessacery skills in-house to deliver a quality product, then this programme may be the ideal solution for you!

Who should partner with UntiedShoes?

Typically, UntiedShoes is an outsource partner for Graphic Design companies, IT Support companies, Marketing and PR companies, Printers, Search Engine Optimisation companies and ISP's, but I will also consider partnering with any business that wants to add web design to their portfolio of services. 

How does it work?

It's very simple to be honest... if a company/customer approaches you about a web design project, you can now sell this service direct to your client as if it were your own. I offer a completely transparent service, which means the UntiedShoes name (or my own for the matter) are never disclosed to your customer's. I also have no problems what-so-ever signing NDA's to further protect your name if required.

I can work directly with your client on your behalf during the design and development stage using my own online collaboration tool, or you can set up a email address for me to use (many of the companies I work with use this option), and I am also able to come into your own offices for client facing meetings.

Once the site is complete, you are also able to host it on my own 'Private-label' server, and of course, I also offer full support too. As far as your customer/client is concerned, you have just designed and developed them a 1st class website, with no idea what-so-ever that the project was outsourced. I can even add the 'Design By' link to the website which would say design and developed by you. At no point is my company name ever disclosed to your customer.

So, who is responsible for billing the customer, hosting, and technical support?

I offer two solutions, depending on your needs/requirements:

1. Fully Branded (White-Label) Solution.
You handle all aspects of your customer's needs. All services are through your company and you handle all billing & support. You sell your client one of my services (website design, eCommerce websites, search engine optimisation, E-Mail mareting, hosting etc), and I handle the rest under your company's name. I can quote a price for every project and you can add your own mark-up on top of my costs.

2. Referral Partnership.
I offer a complete turnkey service for your business. I can handle all billing, and technical support while you earn the hosting revenue and setup fees, and see your customer base grow. You simply tell your clients that you are an agent for UntiedShoes and then refer them to my site (if required I can set-up your own refferal landing page).  You receive a 20% referral fee for the project upon completion along with the hosting contract and regular referral fees for on-going work and renewable costs (such as retainers, annual hosting and domain name renewals).

How do I know you will look after our clients?

I treat all customers exactly the same, whether my own, or yours; personal & professionally. My approach is to gain is much of an understanding as possible by spending time listening and learning about your clients business; its objectives, ethos and brand plus its customers, only by doing this ca I gain a full understanding of their business requirements and provide to them the most appropriate solution to fulfil their individual requirements/needs. Throught the project stage and beyond, I endeavour to provide your clients (and my own) the highest level of support and service possible and I always maintain a clear and transparent relationship with yourselfs and your clients.

Depending upon the solution required, the rewards to you are just the same:

  • You gain substantial discounts on all my web services, which enables you to add your own markup.
  • Completely transparent relationship.
  • NDA's if required.
  • 'Web Design By' at the bottom of all your customers websites.
  • My own, personal guarantee (backed up with an NDA if required) that my name, or comany name will ever be disclosed to your customer.

If you would like to become a UntiedShoes web design partner, and start selling your own web services, please get in touch and lets start a long lasting relationship!


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