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For over 11 years, I've been developing highly creative, bespoke, beautiful, standards compliant web sites. By using the experience gained over the years, UntiedShoes has the technical IT dexterity necessary to devise and maintain polished, modern and exciting web solutions.

Good groundwork is essential and my first stage is to spend time listening and learning about your business; its objectives, ethos and brand plus your customers. I'll ask you plenty of questions so that I can greater understand what makes your customers tick and what makes your company unique.

Too often websites are designed to mirror the companies’ paper based brochure, the websites structure is poorly thought through, its content applied as an afterthought and what is worse... the customer’s views are forgotten.

Finally, we need to understand your aims and objectives and how you wish to apply them online. With careful planning, consideration and recognition of the needs of your visitors we are well on the way to creating a stylish, user-friendly, customer-led website.

Startup websites from £500 inc Domain name and Hosting


Picture this: You enter a large department store wishing to purchase a particular product. Stepping into the main entrance you read a well displayed sign that leads you to the appropriate floor.

Further signs emerge, just where you expect them to be, you follow, moving deeper into the shop and towards your goal. You locate your product, pay, and leave the shop a happy visitor. Like a well sign-posted department store, a well-designed website will draw the visitor deeper in; they will feel comfortable, engaged, and in control. They will know where they are at all times and a logical architecture will enable the user to easily locate what they need.

This, all done within a few mouse clicks and without turning to the websites search engine!

The purpose of good design

The purpose of good design is to enable a user to find the information they require as soon as possible, make their enquiry and leave, whilst keeping the visitor interested and making the visit as pleasant as possible, but most importantly to encourage the visitor to come back.

A well designed and laid out website can give a prospective client a great deal of confidence; it is after all used in much the same way as a shop front. If the web site looks friendly and appealing, the user will come in; on the other hand, if the web site looks poor, the user may still have a look round, but not have the confidence in the company to submit an enquiry.

Requirements Vary...

Client’s requirements vary considerably from project to project, but there are always three similarities: Ease of use, value for money and designed to the highest standard. UntiedShoes strives to meet these demands with every website and presentation we create.

If you would like to learn more about my web design, search engine optimisation, content management or email marketing services, you can so so by contacting me here.

Web Design projects

Ice Signs
Ice Signs

Web design & Development inc CMS for Leeds based Ice Signs

Latest website design work
Camper King
Camper King

Website development for new business start-up CamperKing

CamperKing produce custom VW Campers from VWs commercial vans for the sport and lifestyle market


Web design and Development for the Lotus Racing Formula 1 team's new sponsor; LR8: The official drink of Lotus Racing