Why hire me?

Established in 1998, I’m one of the longest-running web designer/developers in the Uk - a real testament to the relationships I build with my clients.


From your initial contact, through to delivering your project, I understand how much trust is involved.

Gaining your trust is not something I take lightly, and I want to ensure that throughout the project, your expectations are consistently met.

I'm a native born brit, living in the North East of England.


As a professional web designer & developer, I adopt an informed, honest, but above all accessible approach to my work and will never blind you with jargon or attempt to represent the concepts involved as some kind of rocket science or black art.

The fundamentals and the tools at my disposal are clearly explained to you and I will discuss in depth how best your business can benefit from a professionally designed website.


I'm committed to delivering the best possible results required for the success of your project, right from the start, through the development and the final delivery.

My clients love the work I produce

After having 3 full website rebuilds in the space of 4 years from different web design agencies which produced disappointing end results and bad service we knew we had to change the type of company we wanted to attempt our next build. We decided to look for a local designer / developer who we hoped could offer everything we ‘thought’ we needed but also suggest ideas beyond our brief and at the same time give advice how to design a better website, that is when we found Craig.

Needless to say the initial brief for Craig wasn’t an easy one as we were looking to re-launch 13 Football Club Online Stores at the same time, all running off one application. However it must have been fate that we were to find Craig for this project as the platform that he uses to build eCommerce sites had just added this functionality and Craig didn’t shy away from the scale of the task. Working closely with Craig and following his guidance we were able to create our own bespoke theme, which for the first time for us was fully responsive for easy tablet and mobile viewing and each theme could be adjusted for each individual store. Craig also solved many issues where the default system couldn’t accommodate our end goal. By the time we came to launch the sites we had a system in place that far surpassed anything we previously had.

That was 7 years ago, since then the sites have continually been upgraded and themes refreshed with new functions added along the way, always striving to make the sites as good as they can be and keeping up with the fast pace changes and expectation of websites in the current digital era.

Brands I've produced work for

I've worked with and for a great deal of well known brands over the years.


Your questions answered.

Common Questions

Below are a few details about myself, and how I work.


What are your pricing terms?

My day rate is £300 and hourly rate £40. If I'm designing or developing a new website, I tend to price based upon previous experience and the projects specific requirements. All projects require an initial 25% deposit, then a further 3 x 25% payments with the final payment being made once the project goes live.

After that, clients have the option of my monthly retainer where I work with you on a regular basis to update your website as we start to understand your company and customers better.


Are you a web designer, or a web developer?

I'm one of a rare breed - one that can not only design from the ground up, but also take those designs and build a bespoke website / eCommerce site around them using ASP.Net C#. Be aware of 'developers' who use WordPress... many are just using paid for templates and not actually developing anything. When you want something bespoke adding, they tend to get stuck!


Will you host my website?

Yes - I offer the first years hosting free with all websites.


Do you offer maintenance / retainer packages?

Yes I do indeed. The basic maintenance package includes one day a month, priced at my daily rate.


Do you care about Page Speed when developing client websites?

Very much so! All my clients get the very best possible page speed score they can, measured via GMetrix and also the Google PageSpeed Insights.

This website scores AA (94%, 91%) on GMetrix, and 95 via Google PageSpeed Insights.


Do you work with agencies?

I do indeed, and I'm quite happy to sign NDA's - in fact, over the 22 + years I've been freelancing, I've worked with some of the biggest and longest-established digital agencies in the country. Unfortunately for 99% of them, I'm unable to disclose details of projects due to NDA's.

My day rate is £300 and hourly rate £40.

Get in touch.

Drop me an email about your project - I’d love to hear from you.

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