The Process.

A distinct process to design and deliver you a affordable, clean website which works for you and your customers.


Upon your initial contact, I will review the project with you and clarify what is required from both parties, for example how content will be provided, by when and in what format & who primary contacts will be. I will spend time listening and learning about your business; its objectives, ethos and brand plus your customers. I'll ask you plenty of questions so that I can greater understand what makes your customers tick and what makes your company unique.

Wireframe / Design / Prototype

The key stage in the process; It's at this stage where the brand image needs to be strong enough to relate to your target audience - visuals are created outlining the key sections / pages & visual elements - this helps us maintain a consistent look and feel throughout.

Build / Tests

Once the web pages have been developed into a series of templates, the content management system (If required) is used by yourselves and me to start adding content to the website in a quick, user friendly manner over the Internet. If no content management system is in place, I will start to add all the content you have already sent me. Once the content is added, and formatted correctly, we both go through the site with a fine tooth-comb checking all spelling, grammar, layout and check to make sure your new website works perfectly across all devices including desktops, tablets and mobile phones..

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Final Checks / Launch

The final stage of the development stage; Once the websites content and any additional features have been added and signed of, it's time for people and the search engines to see your new website. We go through your site one last time with you, we check, check and check again to make sure everything is perfect and then add the relevant title, descriptions and keywords to all pages for the search engines.

Let's have a chat about how I can help your brand stand out and succeed.

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Picture this: You enter a large department store wishing to purchase a particular product. Stepping into the main entrance you read a well displayed sign that leads you to the appropriate floor.

Further signs emerge, just where you expect them to be, you follow, moving deeper into the shop and towards your goal. You locate your product, pay, and leave the shop a happy visitor. Like a well sign-posted department store, a well-designed website will draw the visitor deeper in; they will feel comfortable, engaged, and in control. They will know where they are at all times and a logical architecture will enable the user to easily locate what they need.

This, all done within a few mouse clicks and without turning to the websites search engine!

The purpose of good design

The purpose of good design is to enable a user to find the information they require as soon as possible, make their enquiry and leave, whilst keeping the visitor interested and making the visit as pleasant as possible, but most importantly to encourage the visitor to come back.

A well designed and laid out website can give a prospective client a great deal of confidence; it is after all used in much the same way as a shop front. If the web site looks friendly and appealing, the user will come in; on the other hand, if the web site looks poor, the user may still have a look round, but not have the confidence in the company to submit an enquiry.

Requirements Vary...

Client’s requirements vary considerably from project to project, but there are always three similarities: Ease of use, value for money and designed to the highest standard. UntiedShoes strives to meet these demands with every website and presentation we create.

With careful planning, consideration and recognition of the needs of your visitors we are well on the way to creating a stylish, user-friendly, customer-led website.

If you would like to learn more about my web design, search engine optimisation, content management or email marketing services, you can so so by contacting me here.


Brands I've produced work for

I've worked with and for a great deal of well known brands over the years.

Who I Work With

I work with a diverse range, from new, start-up companies, established companies looking to expand their online presence and also agencies.


Start-up Companies

Start-up companies looking for their first online presence. I'll help guide you through the many pitfalls when it comes to website design, and deliver your very first website, that engages your customers.


Established Companies

Established Companies, looking to expand onto the web, or improve / develop a new website to reflect it's current position in the market.



For over the 22 + years I've been freelancing, I've worked with some of the biggest and longest established digital agencies in the country. Unfortunately for 99% of them, I'm unable to disclose details of projects due to NDA's.

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Drop me an email about your project - I’d love to hear from you.

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