Eureka Active

For Eureka Active, we wanted the brand to be as clean as the main Eureka Golf brand, but have a clear difference between the two.

Eureka Golf

For the main Eureka Golf brand, we wanted a clean, simple look, using typography only with no icons or symbols.

Testimonial : Graeme Robinson

"Why are you doing this two days before Christmas was Craig's first question when he replied to our email enquiry on December 23rd 2010.

I answered because with this ‘Beast from the East’ I haven’t seen a customer for nearly 3 months here in the North East but they’re still golfing down in the South West and other parts of the UK! Secondly, I want someone who can help, guide, teach, train and is local so you can show us how to do things. As a Golf Professional at a busy Club my strengths lie there.

Our relationship with Craig started there. He rang us, came to see us, found out what we wanted - that was important to us. Other companies that we enquired with emailed us back and ‘told us’ what we should do!
Our brief was to make us a clean unfussy site, look a lot bigger than we were, and he certainly did that.

This is exactly what Craig did, and has done ever since, maintaining, updating and improving the site continually. We now have many more skills and are still learning more, you cannot afford to stand still or you will get left behind in this incredibly fast moving business.

Along the way he also helped rebrand our logo and image to be crisper and more up to date. Craig has also helped assist us with the integration and management of our Social Media channels and advertising.
I can’t recommend Craig highly enough, he is a man of many talents. Employing Craig as our designer was definitely one of our better decisions."

MultiStore eCommerce Website

Along with the rebranding of Eureka Golf and the development of a speperate Eureka Active brand, I'm also developing two new websites - both running via single, multi-store application.

Eureka Golf

Using the multi-store feature enables Eureka Golf to run more than one store from a single nopCommerce installation. This means, they can host more than one frontend store on different domains and manage all admin operations from a single administration panel..

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